Wairarapa Winemakers among the trophies at 2009 Romeo Bragato Awards.

Wairarapa winemakers triumphed with two trophies at the annual Romeo Bragato Awards, which were announced in Napier in the weekend.  Click here to read more. 



Wairarapa Wines represents a collective of wineries from throughout the Wairarapa Valley from Featherston to North of Masterton with 14 active Wairarapa and associated members.

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About the Region

Home to the very first grapes planted in the region a century ago, the Masterton Plains open to big skies and sweeping vistas below the Tararua Ranges. Early Wairarapa settlers established large-scale farming dynasties, prominent among them the pioneering grape-growing Beethams. Family-owned properties are the backbone of this young wine landscape, possibly the harshest of the regionʼs climatic variations. Flavoursome sauvignon blanc thrives in this bold open environment, as does the capricious pinot noir.


The moody mass of the towering Tararua Ranges dominates the valley. Early morning frosts sweep from snow-capped peaks across bare wintry vines, followed by crisp sunny days. Summer days can be scorching. This is the diurnal range in action – that essential contrast between cold nights and warm days that slowly builds flavour in grapes, note by complex note.

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